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Entrepreneur Timothy Smith: 'Younger Bahamians Can No Longer Be Ignored

Younger Bahamians who turned out in droves to vote on election day can no longer be ignored and now stand ready to serve in advisory roles and on boards, contributing innovative ideas and fresh approaches to the challenging issues facing The Bahamas, says one of the country’s youngest successful entrepreneurs. Timothy Smith, 23, President of the truck rental business EZ Haul and a real estate associate with Better Homes and Gardens MCR Group, said while he refrains from partisan politics, he believes it was millennials who made the difference in the election. “Those same young people who made a difference in the election can make a difference in the future of The Bahamas,” said Smith. “Young people showed their strength in their vote and now they are ready to show commitment to the nation by bringing fresh blood and new ideas to the many issues that confront us.” Smith, who voted for the second time, said he has no political affiliation to any party, but wants to see the current administration benefit from “the many bright minds of millennials eager to help and willing to give their time, energy and thought.” “I believe we are onto something even more significant than we fully realise right now. As we involve more young people in decision-making, I believe the outcome for the country moving forward will look very different,” he said, noting change is already beginning to occur. “This is the first time in our history that there are two members of Parliament under the age of 30 and surely the election of Travis Robinson will go down in history as a game changer, a true David vs. Goliath story. Here was a 22-year-old who had been working trying to improve his own neighbourhood nominated to run against Dr. Bernard Nottage, a stalwart who had been in politics for decades and Robinson beats him. That will resonate with young people and will inspire them in their own career fields as well as giving some the confidence to get involved in politics.” Now, says Smith, he hopes that the current administration will include millennials in appointments to the Senate, government boards and other advisory positions. “Young people were ignored for too long, but they will never be ignored again,” he said. “With young minds comes innovation and if we are going to be competitive on a world stage, we need the energy, the enthusiasm and the innovative ideas of the many bright minds of young Bahamians.”

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